Q: What kind of population pyramid did you make?

A: The population pyramids are both constrictive.

Q: Calculate the dependency load?

A: Canada’s is 30%, while Toronto’s is 29%.

Q:  How are the population characteristics of Canada similar to the population characteristics of Toronto?

A: The population characteristics a are similar because both population pyramids are constrictive.

Q: How are population characteristics of Canada different to the population characteristics of Toronto?

A: Canada’s population characteristics differs from Toronto’s population characteristics because Toronto’s population grows much faster than Canada’s does. For example, Toronto’s doubling time is only 30 years while Canada’s doubling time is more than double that, at 77.7 years.

Q: Identify how the population will be different  in Canada and Toronto in the year 2054?

A: There are many reasons as to why we should be concerned about the aforementioned population changes. One, is if the population increases so rapidly, and more people require jobs, the less jobs there are for me. Another reason is that we could be paying more taxes due to the increased necessity rate of things like emergency services and health care.



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